• Complete shoulder mount follow focus
    • Belts for focus
    • Batteries for remote operation
    • 2 handles for comfort moving
    • Adjustable shoulder pads
    • Rexene bag for equipment protection
    • Tool kit for fix the camera

    Note: 1. Package prices are only for equipment. Charges for manpower is extra.
    2. The Camera and Accessories you are hiring may be varying from the picture shown on the website.
    3. It may be noted that GST will be charged in the bill/invoice requirement.

    • Battery-Powered Belt Drive System
    • Controls Focus & Zoom at Variable Speeds
    • Integrated Control Switches on Handles
    • 2nd Set of Switches Located at the Rear
    • Friction-Contact Drive Belts
    • Compatible with Most Lenses
    • Height-Adjustable Baseplate
    • 3-Door Matte Box
    • 5 lb Counterweight
    • Tripod-Mount Threads Underneath
    • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder support.
    • Zoom and focus can be controlled with a receptor or directly from the handles which work as a type of joystick.
    • Variable zoom speed.
    • Compatible with all DSLR and the majority or lenses up to 600mm.
    • You can control zoom and focus with the two handles or with the controls at the back (when you want to work on a tripod for example.)

    This Motorized Follow Focus is designed to help the dedicated filmmaker pull focus and stabilize their camera while moving. Ideal for achieving a professional style, this allows you to switch cameras quickly and easily, thanks to its adjustable base plate.

    As a filmmaker, you know how important a proper pull focus and stable camera is to achieving the visual style you need. This Motorized Follow Focus can record four points of focus, features a comfortable shoulder pad, two motorized zoom and focus operation system sets, as well as interchangeable motors.

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    50 x 40 x 120 cm


    80% Cotton + 20% Leather


    Extra Large, Extra Small, Large, Medium,