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Short Films

Get thinking on your feet and confidently proceed toward short film making

Ready to get serious about short film making? Have a concept/script for an indie film but aren’t sure where to start? Interested in making a biopic on a legendary personality but do not how to go about it? Get all the solutions you need to get started from Scintilla Kreations, the parent company of CameraOnRental.

From short film making equipment for rental in Hyderabad or anywhere in India and absolute management of your travel, accommodation, casting, location to professional post production services and industry renowned manpower to assist you in your journey, Scintilla Kreations stays with you all the way. With Scintilla by your side you can simply get thinking on your feet and confidently proceed toward short film making.

Leave all your worries about video shooting equipment rental in Hyderabad – the type of cameras for rental to make your short film look good. From Arri Alexa XT and RED Epic Dragon to Gopro Hero 4k Black Camera and Panasonic AG-AC160 Camera, you will get all types, even Fly cameras for rental in Hyderabad and other cities of India. What’s more, avail the finest in movie lighting equipment on hire, Zeiss CP 2 lense for hire and many more short film making equipment at the professional hiring house for digital film equipment in Hyderabad through CameraOnRental.

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